Do you ever find yourself without wonga as pay day draws closer? Too much month at the end of the money? If so, you’ll know how hard it can be having to try to make things stretch. Ever found yourself walking to work because petrol prices are so high you can’t afford to fill up the car? The inconvenience of having to miss out on a social life because your wages won’t quite stretch to going out and buying food. The galling reality of hefty bank charges heaped on top of your overdraft because there wasn’t enough wonga in your account to pay your direct debits.

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This woeful tale is an all-too-familiar story for many people, each and every month. The vicious cycle just goes on and on as the bank piles charges upon charges on your account and you find yourself paying interest upon interest. You find yourself struggling to make your wonga stretch further and further after each payday. Then throw into the mix a bit of a financial emergency, such as a broken down car, or a non-functioning washing machine or an unusually high phone bill and you’re struggling to find the wonga to pay bills and afford the rent. Before long it all gets too much for you and you end up with debt recovery agents coming to your property demanding money you don’t have, embarrassing you in front of your family, friends and neighbours. If any of this sounds familiar, then never fear, help is here. Next time you find yourself in a financial wilderness with no wonga, don’t just accept those bank charges and pay through the nose: pay a visit to QuickPoundsTillPayday.co.uk.

QuickPoundsTillPayday.co.uk can help you through those tough times with a short-term loan specially designed to tide you over with wonga until your next payday. Known as ‘payday loans’, this type of lending is becoming increasingly common in the UK, especially in the current harsh economic climate, where people are finding it exceedingly hard to manage financially. Anyone can apply for a payday loan and the approval process is often fast and easy, with the much-needed wonga usually deposited into your bank account the same day and in the majority of cases, within the hour!

There are many reasons why people take out payday loans when they need a bit of extra wonga, as opposed to taking up other forms of lending. The obvious place to look for a loan is a bank, but banks often require you to put up security for a loan when you may have none. You may have been turned down by other lenders because they consider you a poor credit risk. Applying for a bank loan can also be a lengthy, drawn-out process. You don’t want to wait days or even weeks to find out if you’ve been accepted for a loan, when your financial emergency is happening right now and you need to get your hands on the wonga urgently.

Applying for a payday loan is easy with QuickPoundsTillPayday.co.uk. We provide a safe, secure and uncomplicated service. In most cases, applicants are required to be in regular employment but we may make allowances based on your individual circumstances. If you can show evidence of continuous employment with the same employer for a period of at least three months, your application is highly likely to be approved immediately and your wonga paid into your bank account very shortly after. You can usually borrow an amount between £100 and £1000 depending on your personal circumstances. We do not perform credit checks, making our loans ideally suited to people who have been refused loans in the past because of poor credit scores. Our decision is based on other criteria such as income, job security and a special scoring system that we use.

Once your application has been accepted and your wonga is in your bank account, you will normally be required to repay the loan on your first payday after the loan was procured. Don’t worry though, if you need a little more time to get back on your feet, you can apply for the loan to be extended for an additional 30 days.

So, next time the freezer decides to belch out water and waste a whole months worth of food, or your ancient boiler packs up, or the dog gets sick and the vet bill is enormous, just remember: With QuickPoundsTillPayday.co.uk here to catch you when you fall, you need never worry about how you’re going to find the wonga to cope with another financial emergency again. What a relief!

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